Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Advice Needed and Vacation Time!

ADVICE NEEDED: My hair has grown a ton since being prego and having Kensington! I’m thinking I want a new hair style. My hair is SUPER frizzy, and I have to use tons of products to tame it. 1st piece of advice needed, should I cut my hair? If so, How should I cut it? 2nd piece of advice needed, has anyone with frizzy hair used a beach wave spray and loved it? I want something easy. You know, being a mommy cuts into getting ready time a lot. Spending an hour and a half on flat ironing my hair is a thing of the past I think... Any suggestions… Besides shaving my head. That’s a no go! On to more fun stuff now.

It has been FOREVER since I wrote a post. A lot has happened. The gist of it is my hubby is a teacher so we have been to Havasu and visiting family in California for the past several weeks. My hubs has gone back to Arizona because my parents gave us a fridge and he inherited new toys from my dad and his dad. More stuff to fill our house, just what we needed. I'm feeling a purge of possessions coming... Anyways, I miss his tons, but I’m sure he is having fun. Meanwhile, Kensington and I are playing it up in California. On the agenda for the week, go to the beach, make my outfit for my brother-in-law’s wedding, maybe going to LA(garment and fabric district are the best!!!), and relaxing a little bit. I have been in a major crafting/sewing mood lately. So, be prepared to see fun things Kenzi and I are working on. Here are some pictures from our summer so far….

She's thinking, "Why are you guys always kissing me?" It's because you're too cute for words Kensington!!!!
My niece(Aspen) graduated high school. She's going to go to ASU. YEA!!!! Close to me!!!!! We get to play more often!

Aspen's graduation with Uncle Brion.

Aspen's graduation with Auntie April.

Four generations.
Seriously! Sshe is too cute to handle.

Grandpa Harrison can make lizards go to sleep.

I'm chillin' on the boat and LOVING it!

Too much cute for me to handle!

Notice how this is the only picture of me in Havasu.

Kensington and her cousin Maddox.
Daddy loves holding her on his shoulders!
Getting ready to dance to the Beach Boys

Happy 4th of July! Cutest family ever!

She LOVES chewing on everything!

We like taking pictures of each other... At the same time. Love my momma!

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  1. I actually think you'd look super cute with a pixie cut. Fast, low maintenance and actually really versatile. And I can live vicariously through you cuz I could never pull one off! :)
    If not a pixie cut, then I'd just suggest something around shoulder length. Still short enough not to take too long to style, but long enough to pull out of your face whenever you want.