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California Love... It happens...

We went out to California for Kensington's baby blessing. Both Devin and I are from California so we thought it would be best to do it out there. Everyone was invited months before hand, and flights booked. It was so great! My oldest brother was able to fly into town from Salt Lake City. He and Kensington fell in love at first sight. My mom made the baby blessing dress, including in hand embroidering the flowers and doing the smocking. It is gorgeous!!! The blessing went off without a hitch. Then we had lunch back at my parents house and hung out and reminisced about old times and new times.
Uncle Brion and Kensington
They love each other!!!

Daddy loves his baby girl

 Love this girl!!! That is the smocking my mom did by hand. Seriously talented!!!

She sleeps with her hands above her head. Swaddling is a lost cause on her.

Look at those cute shoes!!! Momma's Girl!
Those flowers were hand embroidered by my mom. Again, SERIOUSLY TALENTED!
While we were out in California I went to a breastfeeding group. This little girl is a big eater(she would eat for 30 minutes and be off for 15-30 minutes and then want to eat again) and I didn’t know if that was normal or if something was wrong. In going to this group I stumbled onto my new favorite store in OC, Granola Babies. It is SO much fun, and all of the girls who work there are super knowledgeable and helpful. I just love them! Anyways, I found out everything I was doing was right and she just liked to eat, A LOT. Like had already gained more than 2 pounds in a month. Yea, I produce super whole milk. I guess we will see if the mass growth spurt has continued on Monday at her 2 month check up. I will write another post about the wonderful things I have learned about breastfeeding. I wish I would have known beforehand some of them, but it has been a great learning experience. 
Sometimes you've gotta feed on the go. Hiking and feeding is totally acceptable! I made sure I was modestly covered. It would be awkward if I wasn't!
Anyways, so my mom, Kensington and I played a lot. Devin’s parents had to book it up to Utah for the birth of another grandbaby. 

Devin’s brother Marc had his second little boy, Maddox. Get this, Devin’s dad was born on March 10th, Marc is the second son and he was born on March 10th, and Maddox is the second son and he was born on March 10th! AWESOME! SO I have quite a few pictures of my parents, but unfortunately not as many with Devin’s. We will make sure to get more at the next visit.

My brother, that is a week older than Devin, and his family weren’t able to make it either. He is in the Air Force and his cute little wifey announced that she was pregnant. I found out a few days after Kensington was born. They said they knew, but didn’t want to rain on my parade. Definitely not raining on the parade, just added a ton of sunshine to it!!!! Unfortunately, her first pregnancy was really tough, and now this one is even more difficult. So, lots of prayers are going her way that she is safe and the baby is safe through the remainder of the pregnancy. I sure miss them and wished they didn’t live all the way across the country!
Also, while we were in California, Devin’s youngest sibling gave her farewell talk at church. She just entered the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah to serve an 18 month mission in the Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission for The church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. Funnily enough, this was Devin’s dad’s mission. What a big year already for the Harrison Family! 
It was on Saint Patrick’s Day and so Kensington wanted to be festive. My incredibly talented sister made this skirt for her. TOO CUTE!!!! You will see many more things my incredibly talented sister does in future posts, I’m sure.

So, pretty much, we shopped, played, saw old friends, cried a lot (Kensie had issues with colic and cried for MANY hours each night and didn’t sleep a ton, which led to me not sleeping a ton, which then led to both of us crying all night long. It is physically and emotionally painful when your baby is crying and nothing helps. Also, knowing my mom wasn’t coming back to Arizona with me to help because she has a life too and, contrary to my popular belief, the world doesn’t revolve around me. Hers revolves around serving everyone around her and the best dad ever! 
Just chillin' with pop pop.

You're funny pop pop.

Ok, so I LOVE her face in this picture. It cracks me up!

Grandma, Pop pop, and Kensington.

Told  you in the last post she gets lots of kisses. Everyone loves Kensie!
"Hey Pop pop! I sure love you!"

Her face says, "Grandma, PLEASE come back to Arizona with me!!! I will miss you too much."

Now mine revolves around my husband and baby girl. 
One of my favorite pictures. They melt my heart.

That sure switched fast!), had the baby blessing, had a baby shower, did a photo shoot with my best friend of 20+ years (yep, I’m old enough to say that, how fun! She is seriously the best photographer ever!!!! She did our engagement pictures, wedding pictures, and now our first born daughter’s pictures. She is so creative and the best ever! Love that girl to pieces. She actually just did my nieces Senior pictures. I bet they will be on her blog in the next few weeks. I heard they were incredible and can’t wait to see them *Sorry for all of my random tangents. I’m kind of like a raven. I see a shiny thing and I get distracted. My husband says it’s just a woman thing. He’s probably right.*), 
I did say she is an incredible photographer.

breastfeeding group, natural remedies classes(my transition to hippy is coming along nicely with herbal concoctions and cloth diapering, just kidding, just going a little more homeopathic at the Harrison house), lots of cooking and eating(my mom is the best cook), the celebration of our 2 year anniversary (yea, we made it to two years of marriage, and many many more to come.  Eternity is a long time, but at least I get to spend it with the most incredible man I could have ever wished for!) I’m sure we did a ton of other things, but those were the highlights… 

Do you go off on tangents?
Where is your favorite vacation place?
What is your favorite thing to do on vacation?
Do you live far away from your family? How far?

More pictures.... For good measure...
Auntie Elyse before she left on her mission.

You caught us snuggling.

What! I love Daddy. It's written on my shirt

Momma, I'm hungry. Stop taking pictures and feed me again. It's already been 30 minutes.

Seriously!!! Cutest face ever!!! P.S. Incredibly talented sister strikes again with this beanie.

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Not a huge fan of pictures being taken of me yet, but this is from our 2 year anniversary date. Such a fun hike.

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