Wednesday, April 10, 2013

In Love With Charlie!!! I Sure Am

Charlie Banana Diapers that is…. So, we finally ran out of disposable diapers that people gave to us and I started cloth diapering. I figured, since I was using cloth diapers, I would also use cloth wipes. I LOVE IT!!!

I was really scared to start because I had become so used to the convenience of disposable diapers, but, really, cloth diapers are the best. The week and a half before we started we were using a store brand of diapers and they were AWFUL! I’m really glad that they were because I think it helped me to like the cloth diapers so much more. The morning I started we used up the last of the disposables and this is what we woke up to.  
Seriously, was an every day occurrence. Multiple times a day!

Can you say BATH TIME? Good thing bath time her favorite time of the day. Not even joking she LOVES it!!! We have not had a single blow out since we started. Her diaper rash cleared up the first day, and she laughs every time we change her diaper. 
Right after we put on her first cloth diaper. Happiest baby in the world!
 Not only do I love it but she does too. It is fantastic. I thought it would be so much extra work, but since the last disposables I used leaked so much I am actually doing less laundry now. It is fantastic. Plus, they are SUPER cute. No bloomers needed anymore.
My mom thought I was nuts when I originally told her that we wanted to use cloth diapers, I probably was, but then she saw them and how much cloth diapers have changed over the years and was totally on board after that. 

My sweet husband installed my diaper sprayer the other day too and now it is even easier. Pretty much, it’s the best ever!!!! Kudos to Charlie Banana Diapers. WE LOVE YOU!!!! Can't you tell?!?

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