Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pop Pop is awesome!

I was going through pictures on my phone and am shocked that I don't have pictures of my dad with my girls on my phone. They love him and spend so much time with him. Little asks to see pop pop all the time. Today I'm incredibly grateful for him.

He is the best dad I could have ever had! When I was little he was working several jobs to support our family and worked on his masters. When he finished his masters he when on to work on and finish his doctorate as well. Smart dude! And the entire time he worked like crazy to provide so well for us. On the weekends he would work in his honey do list that my mom had for him. Many weekends were spent with my on the flat bed cart riding around Home Depot. Or riding on a rototiller around our yard. I'm sure I slowed him down always following him around, but he always took the time to just hang out with me and show me how to do whatever he was doing.
He does the same thing with my kiddos. I love it! While I was trying to find someone to watch my girls today so I could go to an appointment that they couldn't come to, he offered to do it even though he was already running my 95 year old grandma around to several appointments as well. He took a huge weight off of my shoulders by doing it, and he's willing to do it most any time for us too. 

He is awesome for so many more reasons! But that would make this post forever long. I sure do love him!

Who are you grateful for?

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